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About Coach Kenya….

After experiencing separation (multiple times) eventually leading to divorce, the thought of starting over was initially inconceivable. After a 15 year journey what would happen next? My thoughts became inundated with negative perceptions, anger, fear, frustration and deep regret. The thought of flying solo would be a new reality.  It was now up to me to process and navigate through the who, what, when, why and how’s of life. It was during that difficult, frustrating and embarrassing time I would be expected to show up every day to offer life coaching to fragile women, men, adolescents  and families by helping them to navigate a plan during the most difficult times in their lives. There was an expectation for me to hold these individuals accountable to their personal goals, listen, avail myself and encourage them to not allow their current circumstances to  hinder,cripple and/or discourage them from achieving their dreams. My passion, commitment, dedication and proven ability  to engage with people from start to finish resulted  in impressive outcomes as evidenced by 100% of the clients served  meeting their personal goals  for 6 consecutive years.  All clients made a decision to step out of their comfort zones,  embrace the coaching process and make the personal investment in themselves.

My personal mission to live an intentional life of transparency with the goal to model and coach other women and girls to live their best life by encouraging them to know their worth, invest in themselves and commit to the inner work required to get to a place of essential peace.

Tranquil Life Coaching Solutions LLC was birthed to offer its proven and reputable services to women and girls across the globe looking for a fresh start. Change your trajectory from turbulence to tranquility…because your PEACE is essential!

Kenya Henderson: 

  • B. A in Child and Family Development – The University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Certification in Non Profit Management –  Duke University
  • Certified Professional Life Coach Certification – The Life Coach Institute of Orange County
  • Certified Nurturing Parenting Facilitator -(The Nurturing Parenting Curriculum) 

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